ABC 4 - Wheatsheaf Inn, Lorton


Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Keswick Bikes


Bike O


The Wheatsheaf Inn, Low Lorton, Cockermouth, CA13 9UW


Situated in the village of Low Lorton on the B5289 4 miles South of Cockermouth. Please drive through the car park and park in the far end of the campsite NOT in the pub car park. Note that the bike entrance is via the back gate of the campsite and that the Car park entrance will be out of bounds to all starting and finishing their rides. Anyone trying to finish via the car park will be sent out again. This is a safety request from the landlord.


No dogs on the courses


Online entries prefered to save time and guarantee a map - but you can enter on the day. Full details on BMBO


2 Hour Score

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Registration Times: 

5 pm

Start Times: 

5.30 - 6.30 pm

Other Notes: 

Event Description

We are returning to the beautiful Vale of Lorton after an absence of three years. The Wheatsheaf is once again playing host to this the 4th event in the series.
Food will be available over the bar but be warned that they will be stop serving at 8:30pm so if you would like to order food you will need an early start.

Now in its 5th year The Allerdale Bike Challenge is a series of 5 events in and around West Cumbria. The 'challenge' is to score as many points as possible, in a limited time, by using a map to visit checkpoints that are placed around the small country lanes of Allerdale. As the routes will all be on tarmac, and will avoid the big climbs of the Lake District, they can be undertaken on any road, hybrid or mountain bike. The events are aimed at riders of all abilities and can be ridden solo, in pairs or small family groups. As there is a time limit, and no set route, the challenge is as easy or tough as you want it to be, making it equally suitable for hardened cyclists or 'come-and-try-it ' riders. There will be prizes for the series and it will be your best 3 scores that count.
There is a discount if entering all five events in advance online. Enter all five and get one free!

The rules are simple:
You must have a road worthy bike and wear a cycle helmet.
There will be twenty five checkpoints all having equal value.
Checkpoints will be placed on road signs and footpath finger posts.
You will have a maximum of two hours to visit as many checkpoints as possible.
Only roads and cycleways can be used. Bridleways and footpaths are out of bounds.
There will be penalty points if you are late back!
You must report to the finish at the end even if you retire.

Please note that juniors must be accompanied by an adult as part of a generation team.