Loweswater Bike O - 50th Anniversary Weekend


Saturday, July 8, 2017






Bike O


Loweswater Village Hall CA13 0RU

Grid Reference: 



No dogs on the courses


90 minute score event

Registration Times: 

3:30 - 4:30pm

Start Times: 

4:00 - 4:30pm

Courses Close: 



Tony Brand Barker

Other Notes: 

This will be a 90 minute score event starting and finishing at Loweswater Village Hall. The whole route will be on tarmac so it is suitable for any type of bike. There will be approx 20 controls all valued at 10 points. They will be attached to road signs and footpath finger posts. Your challenge is to collect as many points as possible, but beware, if you are late back you will lose points. Good planning is essential!

The event is ideal for anyone wanting to try Bike Orienteering for the first time. It is also open to all ages although we do expect under 16s to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

More details and entries (pre-entry highly recommended) on the BMBO website at http://www.bmbo.org.uk/calendar/details.php?event_id=924

Cost: £4.50

Riders will need to become a Day member of BMBO at least. This is Free of charge but you pay an extra £1 levy to BMBO to enter any BMBO event. Full members (£8 per annum) do not have to pay this higher levy.


Please join us for refreshments and refuelling (cakes, hot and cold drinks) at the Loweswater Village Hall before your ride.  The four WCOC Juniors selected to represent GB at the “Junior European Cup” (JEC) at the end of September will be fund-raising, so please come and support them.