Scale Hill, Club Chase - 50th Anniversary Weekend


Saturday, July 8, 2017




Loweswater CA13 9UY

Grid Reference: 



Finish and assembly is in the field opposite the Scale Hill hotel, grid ref 151216.  This field is NOT for car parking which is either around the Loweswater village hall or in the NT car park at GR 149215.


No dogs on the courses


Please email: with name and course you are running so that maps can be printed and handicaps worked out!


Brown              8.0 km            gaffled *
Blue                 5.9 km            gaffled *
Green              3.7 km             gaffled *
Light green      3.5 km
Orange             2.3 km
Yellow             1.7 km

* Gaffled means that the course is split at points to separate packs of runners. Everyone on a course will end up running exactly the same legs, but not necessarily in the same order. Just run the course shown on your map, though take care to visit the controls in the order shown.


Yellow - Brown


Michael Billinghurst

Other Notes: 

WCOC 50th Anniversay Loweswater Weekend:

The start is an uphill 250m walk from the finish, around the west edge of the assembly field.

Boundaries overprinted with a purple line may only be crossed at the crossing points marked  )(.

It’s summer and the undergrowth (mostly bracken and gorse) is rampant.  It’s marked with the green vertical hatch symbols.

Please be considerate of other users of the area.

Starts from 12 midday onwards, handicapped to finish at 2:00pm