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Summer Series


valley west of Skiddaw summit


Registration: In the layby beside the A591 at Grid Ref. NY234292.
I will aim to open registration at 5:00pm to enable starts between 5:30 and 7:00pm.

Parking: There is limited parking at registration. When this is full there is space for a few cars beside the A591 about 400m north of registration. Further parking is available at or near the Dodd Wood centre about 1km south of registration.
Parking safety note:
- Traffic on the A591 can be fast moving.
- Please be very careful when parking and crossing the road.
- If you use one of the remote parking locations please walk to and from registration on the track east of the road.


No dogs on the courses


Online entries only for Long and Short using Racesignup
Entry on the day (and Racesignup) for Easy course.
Dibbers are available to use on the night.


Long 4.7km
Short 2.8km
Easy 1.7km
Help me to choose a course

The start for the long and short courses is 1.3km and 200m climb from registration.
The start for the easy course is close to registration.
All courses finish near registration.

Southerndale is mostly steep, open moorland with some rock and contour detail. Runnability is generally good though is slowed in places by undergrowth and marsh. The last part of the long and short courses, and all the easy course, is in an area of forest plantation with a good track network.

Important Safety Notes:
- You must come and register before starting your run and you must return to registration to download by 8:00pm even if you retire from your course.
- If you travelled to the event alone, you must state this at registration or leave your car keys.
- Much of the terrain is high and exposed. Please dress for the conditions.
- You are advised to carry a whistle to attract help if seriously injured.

Registration Times: 

From 5pm.

Start Times: 


Courses Close: 

8pm. Please be back at download by this time so we know you are back safe.


Michael Billinghurst