October 2014

Hope you like this video from the most recent squad weekend held locally - click here!

Many thanks to Lesley for organising another great social event for the club, and to Steve for the interesting talk and pictures about his amazing achievement in the summer. To see the all important results and answers from the quizzes, click here.

Just flying over Norway on the way in I could see that Norway and the terrain in Norway is a lot different to what I am used to in the UK; it’s all forest!! Then this idea was reinforced as we drove from the airport to the lodge: it was just constant forest. I had heard that we were staying at a club hut but when we got there I was shocked at what it really was. It was a massive old ski hut with a sauna, which the Fredrikstadt orienteering  club owns. But what was more surreal was the fact that an orienteering club owned it, when here in the UK none of the clubs have anywhere near the money to own a club hut!

Thanks to Graham for another newsletter packed full of interesting reports. For an extra article about MTBO, click here.

Click here for some ideas about how and where to apply for grants to support your orienteering.