After a great run - the 2022 Club Chase winner today was Hannah Birkinshaw and the 'first past the post' winners on each of the courses:
Brown: Jonty Goodwin
Blue: Daisy Rennie
Green: Janette McHendry
Light Green: Toby Heppell
Orange: Hiroki Holmes
Yellow: Sola Holmes 

Hope you all enjoyed your run. Many thanks to everyone helping out at the event and on the refreshments wagon.

Thanks to Simon Hunter for planning the event and all those who helped, baked, and took part on New Years Day. A total of £375 was raised for junior funds. Thank you all for giving so generously.
Results are HERE

Entries for both events are now open. See listings.
Also, if you are not running in the Chase but could help with the timed Starts and logging the Finishers please email anne_burbidge(at) Any assistance collecting a few controls after the event would also be appreciated. Thanks.

This years Beer Trail is now open!

You'll find details here

Big thanks to the Rennies!

Results are partially updated. I am still trying to recover the remaining runner times.

Many thanks to all those who came, despite the difficult weather earlier in the day, we hope you all had fun. And many thanks to Janette and all the volunters for putting on another great Spook-O and raising funds for the junior orienteers.

For those who need to make payments for cakes or entries please can you you make a bank payment to:

Cumberland Building Society
West Cumberland Orienteering Club

To make entries even more convenient (and save the club some processing payment fees) we have set up the ability to prepay for Thursday evening events.

This credit is only available for use on Thursday events and not for Galoppens, etc.

To purchase the credit go to

You can buy one block of £50 credit for each person you have inside your account. This credit is then shared by anyone within your account. (For example if you have 4 family members, you can purchase one prepayment for a member of your account and all 4 are able to use this credit. Or you could buy multiple, but each prepayment must be for a different member. Again the toal credit is available to be used by anyone in the account.)

Any questions please contact steholmes (at)

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