We still have no planner for the Wasdale event scheduled for 11th May.  If you can help please contact Mike Harrison promptly - miketharrison@yahoo.co.uk

Click here for the latest update on how WCOC are celebrating our 50th anniversary.

If you enjoyed the 'future of O' event at Buttermere and used a GPS watch or tracker on your phone then why not analyse it with Quick Route? Click here for the article from Westword O June 2015 posted on the website and Facebook.

LOC are hosting the event on behalf of NWOA and we as a club are heavily involved with the Relay day.
Bob Barnby and Rob Holder from WCOC have planned excellent courses and I am the day organiser.
URGENT! We require a lot of help on the day and already have some volunteers from other North West clubs. I would like as many as possible from our Club including family and friends so please ask around. Full details and how to get in touch with me are HERE.  Thanks Alan.

Do you shop online? Do it through easyfundraising.org.uk and raise a free donation for WCOC Junior Squad every time you shop! Click here to sign up (Ask Lynne or David if you have any questions). Happy shopping!

If so, try these stunning videos from the successful Hubmann brothers:

"Train Hard Win Easy" 

"Go Hard Or Go Home" 

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