April 2019


WCOC have an orienteering maze at the Keswick Mountain Festival this weekend (18-19 May), near the top of the hill in the festival village (Crow Park). There are five courses which each take around a 1 minute, or longer if you get confused. Come and have a sprint around and see how fast you can do it.

If you can come and help for an hour or two that would be great (email steve on s.j.birkinshaw@ncl.ac.uk)

JK 2019

Good luck to all the WCOC members who have travelled to the South-East for this year's JK. Sprints Friday, Middle Distance on Saturday, Longs on Sunday, followed by Relays on Monday. For Results, click here.

Open fell this week. Plenty of choice on offer with two cross country and two score events. Full details on the events listing.