August 2019


Join us this Thursday at Whinlatter near Cockermouth. There are courses suitable for all, so why not come and give it a go...? As this is the final event of the Summer Series, there will be a prize-giving presentation at the Coledale Inn, Braithwaite after the event - come and join us for a drink and / or meal. (Please note the earlier Registration / Start / Courses Close times and also the 1.2km walk to Start for Long & Short Courses.)


After six days of competition an overall position depends on your position in your best four races. Michael Pearson was first on M75, Henry Teasdale (M16B) and  Jess Breeze (W18S). Seconds for Joe Hudd (M16), Daniel Spencer (M20) & Caitlin Irving (W16). Third place for Tony Duncan (M75) and Roger Thomas (M55S). Fourth place for Niamh Hunter (W20L). Fifth for Joe Sunley (M16). Sixth place for Michael Billinghurst (M55) & Ange Jackson (W40S). Seventh place for Wilfrid Teasdale  (M14) & Liz Elliott (W70). And in the top ten with ninth place, Isaac Hunter (M12), Charlie Rennie (M16) & Richard Cummings (M60S). Impressive!