January 2022

If you are attending multiple Thursday night events some people find it easier to make a larger prepayment and use this for credit on each event (and also help us keep transation charges down low.)

You can use this link to make a prepayment of £50.

After a great run - the 2022 Club Chase winner today was Hannah Birkinshaw and the 'first past the post' winners on each of the courses:
Brown: Jonty Goodwin
Blue: Daisy Rennie
Green: Janette McHendry
Light Green: Toby Heppell
Orange: Hiroki Holmes
Yellow: Sola Holmes 

Hope you all enjoyed your run. Many thanks to everyone helping out at the event and on the refreshments wagon.

Thanks to Simon Hunter for planning the event and all those who helped, baked, and took part on New Years Day. A total of £375 was raised for junior funds. Thank you all for giving so generously.
Results are HERE