Keeping safe at Cockermouth urban event - important -please read

Keeping safe on an urban night event
In order to keep all runners safe please read the following info/update:
  • Hi-Viz clothing/reflective running accessories are strongly advised for ALL runners - it will be MANDATORY for all JUNIORS. It will be dark and there might be traffic - please be seen. Don't forget a torch - a head torch if you have one is best.
  • Novice course: Open to all ages and any level of experience, particularly suitable for M/W10 and novices. This course is short, within the grounds of Cockermouth School and does not cross any public roads. 
  • Short course:  Open to M/W12 and above, a shorter course suitable for experienced juniors, adult novices and those looking for a fast sprint course. This course will involve crossing  public roads and may encounter traffic so runners must be cautious and aware of road users. The course will cross Castlegate Drive where runners will be under the control of a marshal.
  • Long course: Open to all runners who are 16 years old or over. This longer course will involve multiple road crossings and runners are likely to encounter more traffic. 
  • Where present, runners should run on pavements and cross roads at designated pedestrian crossings. 

Come prepared!