Date Title Type Results
27/01/2022 Hogg Wood and Wythop Valley (Not Sale Fell) Night Results Current League Standings
20/01/2022 Leaps Beck Night Results
13/01/2022 Scale Hill Night Results
08/01/2022 Low Rigg, Club Chase 2022 Club Event Course Results Chase Finish Positions
06/01/2022 Rannerdale Night Results
01/01/2022 Mawbray Dunes, Festive and Cake Sale Festive Results
23/12/2021 Stoneywath Night Results
19/12/2021 Cockermouth Urban, Festive Fun Festive Results
16/12/2021 Elva Hill Night Results
09/12/2021 Caer Mote Night Incomplete Results (some mis-punches will be reinstated)