Date Title Type Results
02/12/2021 Keltonfell Top Night Results (Control #159 removed from results/splits due to malfunction)
25/11/2021 Camerton Night Results
18/11/2021 Powter How Night Results
11/11/2021 Bleach Green Night Results
04/11/2021 Slate Fell Night Incomplete Results, but at least some of them - more will be added so these are not final
14/10/2021 Maryport (New Date) Autumn Results
07/10/2021 Whitehaven Autumn Results WinSplits
30/09/2021 Derwent Hill Autumn Results
23/09/2021 Silloth Dunes Autumn Results WinSplits
16/09/2021 High & Low Park Autumn Results WinSplits